Friday, 30 May 2014

Glen Innes Panmure Venn diagram by Sammy

This is my Venn diagram. It gives you the places that are different to each other. The Similarities mean the same things. Miss Paton taught us how to compare things using a Venn diagram. 

Room 5's Favourite Takeaways

What was the favourite?

Carl Jnr

What was the least favourite?


What Take Aways were liked by the same number? 

Two - B.K and KFC

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Loving Mother By Samantha

My Loving  Mother!
My mum is a hard working lady, she is also funny.
She may sometimes get angry at me when I do some wrong things but after all her growlings she always tells me  “I love you no matter what and I will never stop loving you”
Then I turn my frown upside down. She is such a beautie.

When she goes to work she always gives me a kiss and says “Goodbye” She always gives me hugs and kisses when I go to bed. She never lets anybody harm me. She is the perfect mother for me! She gives us healthy homes if we are very sick. She works very hard just for us. She is very special to me. I will never replace her at the end of her life because she will always be in my heart forever and ever!
She is the one who inspires me! She is like an angel! She is my super hero and she will always be!!! As I said, I will never replace her, I really mean it! I will never forget her because she will always be in my heart forever!
Happy mothers day mommy.JPGlook mum.JPG

keep calm mommy.JPGyayyyyy.JPG

My Mum By Saveu

My MumScreenshot from 2014-05-09 12:29:47.png
Screenshot from 2014-05-09 12:30:29.png

My mum is the best mother because  she helps me do my homework properly. My mum is the best, no one can replace her. Even if I scream my loudest she will still love me. I love my mum because she is always there for me. People might think that she is not the best mum but I think she is. I want to thank her for all the things she has done for me, like doing my bed in the mornings. But mostly for being there when I needed her. I am so sorry for the all times that I made her scream and shout at me to stop doing that or to stop being cheeky. I mostly want to thank her for being my mum.
She is the best.
I know this is not much but I know she will love it.
I love my mum more than she love’s me. Everywhere I go I think about her.        Screenshot from 2014-05-09 12:24:16.png  


Screenshot from 2014-05-09 12:29:10.png

Never Give Up By Motu

Never Give Up
Part 1 Number 2  2011

Never give up is a story about a little boy who likes playing rugby and the coach
always said never give up, never give up.

They had to run around the field thirty times for their warm up and then they had
to stretch their muscles. The coach said the most important muscle was the hamstrings.       
After that they played passing to see how good
their passing skills were.

Next the coach taught them how to tackle, he said always remember to put your head behind the player and arms around the waist.

Then they had a game of rugby league.   

The End Story by Motu

Screenshot 2014-05-13 at 09.14.06.png

Feleti's Birthday By Lenleigh

Feleti’s Birthday
The story is about a little girl who goes to her next door neighbour’s house. She tells the little girl about the stories of the old ladies husband. The old lady made a Samoan treat called  Paifala and made some lemon tea. She said she didn't put any sugar in the tea because she was trying to eat and drink healthy. She said the Samoan treat reminds her of Samoa. She said that her husband  worked at the plantation with the vegetables and the fruits in Samoa. But the husband died because of diabetes. After that the little girl went back home. Screenshot 2014-05-08 at 11.54.56.png

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

All About Me by Kalolaine

This is a little story about me. It has a picture of me it also tells you what year i am. Also 10 years old.